To those of you who have been waiting on a Joel update it is finally here and there is much to rejoice over. I am still torn up inside over whether or not we made the right choice to put Joel on growth hormone.  Over a year ago Joel failed his test to see if […]

Joel: A Lengthy Update

I have been wrestling with this update for a few weeks.  Trying to find the right place to start, and the right words. “How is Joel?”  This is a question I get a lot.  Dave will often answer, “He is doing really well.”    Joel is doing well, he is cancer-free.  Most of the time […]

You know September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month!

I know September is more than half over and I am just posting this now.  However, if you follow me on Facebook you know I have been plugging it there too.  I am not sure if there is anyone who has had a child with cancer that can then walk away from the cancer community […]


Did you ever see the movie hair?   I never did,   I have heard the title but frankly,  I don’t even really know what the movie is about.  I am guessing by the title it has something to do with hair.  I have heard people,  not mentioning any names,   sing out,   “Hair, […]

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