Did you ever see the movie hair?   I never did,   I have heard the title but frankly,  I don’t even really know what the movie is about.  I am guessing by the title it has something to do with hair.  I have heard people,  not mentioning any names,   sing out,   “Hair, Long beautiful Ha-air!”

Well that is what came to mind tonight,   it might not be long but it is beautiful and oh so soft!!

 I tried my best to get a good picture of him, but he gave me this lame smile.

This is one of his best smiles because you can see it in his eyes but the hand is in the way.

Not sure.

Hiding behind Elijah.

Almost a genuine smile.

Back to a smirk.

 Well he’s laughing,  when I get a good picture of him,  I’ll update the sidebar.  Even though I didn’t get the picture I was going for what do you think of all that hair!!!  I have caught him brushing it a few times,  too cute.   He no longer has a cancer head now he just looks like he has a short haircut.  The scar in the back is still pretty obvious but Joel can’t see it so as far as he is concerned it doesn’t exist!!

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