August 2012 Garden update

Once more, I am late getting our garden post up.  It has been a busy month, yet again.  This definitely has been a season full of learning.  Well I guess with everything there is always room to continue to learn, but this was our first serious attempt at gardening.  Everything up to this point was just playing around.  I love how almost immediately Dave and I started discussing how to do things better next year.

I know that for years to come we will continue to adjust our garden plans but it is exciting to see some of our successes and also to realise where we can improve.  

I didn’t label the above garden because there is still so much going on in it.  The cauliflower is done.  The blueberry bushes are still looking very small to me, they just don’t seem to want to grow.  We did manage to get a few peppers but the zucchini plant has grown right into our pepper plant, and while it does still have peppers, they aren’t turning red.

This is our attempt at getting a second crop from the same broccoli plant.

The carrots are doing well we have started eating them.  We are just pulling out what we need.  The first carrot I pulled out was a huge beautiful big carrot.  Joel asked if he could carry it in.  I said sure and told him he could break off the top and feed it to the rabbit.  When I came in the house I asked him where the carrot was?  He had given the whole thing to the rabbit.  Poor guy my disappointment crushed him.  He had misunderstood and thought he had been a big help to me.  Thankfully there were more carrots where that one came from.

Apparently some of our strawberry plants are ever bearing.

These are the tallest sunflowers we have ever grown Dave is 6 feet tall and they make him look small.  The tomatoes are producing lots, and our zucchini plant is a monster.

If we miss a day or two of picking we have lots waiting for us.

The last of the cauliflower.

A pile of zucchini I can’t keep up with it.  I have been chopping up some and freezing it to throw in sauce.  Of course, you can grate it too, but we have so much.  Nobody seems interested in taking home a zucchini though.  Taliah thinks I should fill my diaper bag with it and when no one is looking dump them on the produce display at the grocery store.

Some zucchini ready to freeze.

Grapes are done.  We did not get a very big harvest, but Dave really pruned it back hard this past year.  I don’t think he is going to take as much off it next time.

Our bigger garden, the cucumbers have finished, and there are a few lame onions in there.  Our onions really bombed this year.

Potatoes did really well for our first go at it.  Dave did two methods he planted some in the ground and hilled them the others he planted under the wood-chips.  Both did well the yield in the hilled potatoes was slightly higher but much more labour intensive.  Next year Dave wants to put them in the wood-chips but make the wood-chips deeper.  I think Dave said we got a yield of 6 pounds of potatoes to 1 pound of seed potatoes.

The corn was good but we would need to plant a lot more if we wanted to have any for the freezer.  We ended up with about 40 good cobs.  We also planted late so I am not sure if that had anything to do with our yield.


You’ve heard of baby corn, well we grow toddler corn.  We had a couple of these tiny cobs that were perfectly formed just small.  They were the perfect size for Samuel, (our toddler).

Our yields to date look like this;

  • Tomatoes 166.75 pounds (Still more to harvest)
  • potatoes  212.9 pounds
  • cucumbers 22.68 pounds
  • zucchini 75 pounds and it is still producing!
  • carrots  4 pounds and more to harvest
  • garlic 100 bulbs
  • grapes 7.44 pounds (last year we had 21 pounds)
  • corn 40 cobs (we didn’t think to weigh it)
  • celery (yet to come)
  • peppers 1.57 pounds 🙁
  • broccoli (we didn’t weigh)
  • cauliflower (we didn’t weigh)
  • strawberries, blackberries, raspberry & blueberries not enough to bother recording.
  • our fruit trees did not produce enough and some at all to bother recording

I am already planning next years garden, for weeks after planting this garden I found myself saying, oh no I forgot to plant… So now I have a detailed list going.  Are you already thinking about next years garden or have you moved on to other projects?

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