Our June Garden

I know I have been missing from around here.  I find it hard to believe that Father’s Day was my last post.  We have been very busy and hopefully I’ll soon have some new posts up describing much of what we have been up to. Today I wanted update you all on the garden… June […]

Seeing Our Worth and the Worth of a Hen

This past Sunday I had an opportunity to share at church something that God had been showing me and I thought I would share it here too.. Almost a year ago, Dave, the children and I went to pick up some rare breed chicks.  We were so excited, as they grew it became apparent that out of […]

Chicks and how to sex them

I tried to think of a nicer way of titling this but that is basically it.  We have launched ourselves into the world of hatching chicks.  To begin with we were very new to this, we had never incubated chicks before.  We had heard from other people who said,candling was a joke and how can you […]

May’s Garden (weeks 1, 2, & 3)

If anyone showed up here yesterday looking for ‘Field Trip Friday & Other Homeschool Fun,’ oops I messed up.  It has been so busy around here I have not had a chance to post anything.  We have been blessed with lots of company this past week.  Last Saturday we had a friend and his four […]

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