A Pregnancy Update…and More

I try and keep this blog G-rated but I would advise parents read first before letting younger children read this post. Oh my, my last post was in March.  I knew it had been a long time, but March??  I truly thought I would be giving monthly updates with this pregnancy, but as things progressed […]

Ginger~Straight from the Root : January’s Featured Herb

*Sorry folks had meant to post this in January be watching for February’s Herb. I have been sick, a lot lately.  I do not remember ever before in my life being quite so run down.  Our family has a cough that we just cannot get rid of.  It started in October; just when I think […]


You know there is always two ways to look at something, and sometimes even more than two. Last night as I tucked Joel in to bed he looked at me and said, “I can’t wait for tomorrow!” “Oh why’s that?” I asked “Cuz I get my Easy Pod!” I always try to prep him the […]


I cried today… We were in the car driving to Joel’s therapy session when he was talking about, when he grows up.  He was telling us that the job he wants is to drive a big truck that would bring food and toys to kids that don’t have any.  Then he talked about his son […]

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