Benefits of a Fever

I am missing this smiling face.  My poor little guy is under the weather.  He has had a fever for about 24 hours so I am hoping what ever is bothering him will soon pass.

 Funny, after all we have been through with Joel you would think a fever would be nothing… 
Nope, I’m a Momma, and if my little guy is not well I’m gonna be concerned.
One thing I do know is a fever can be a good sign.
We know that bacteria and viruses die when you turn up the heat on them.  That is exactly what the body is doing when we have a fever, the rise in body temperature helps kill off the germs.
It will also speed up the production of the white blood cells.  White blood cells are the bodies soldiers that war on bacteria and viruses.
If you are like me and let a fever run it’s course, there are a few things that you need to keep an eye on.  First,  if the fever spikes then you may want to treat it. If it stays low but there are other troubling symptoms then again you may want to treat it.  Bottom line always go with your gut, if you think there is more to it then have them checked out.
Currently, Samuel has been running a low grade fever.  He is sleepy and grumpy.  Again, sleepy can be a good thing as our bodies heal while we sleep.  Samuel isn’t showing any signs of pain so I am watching him carefully and checking his temp regularly.  I am nursing him often and keeping track of diapers.  Despite feeling yucky he has cracked a few small grins but I am looking forward to his giggly, full faced smiles.
  Obviously, with Joel we have to handle fevers differently, his immune system is still compromised.  How do you handle your children’s fevers?
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