Living Simple

Living Simple this is an idea that continues to tug at my heart.  I do not claim to have a formula on it, nor do I feel like I have arrived at simple living yet.  For me it is part of my journey.   Living simple, or simple living means many different things to many […]

Travelling with Children

I have claimed the title before as being the least travelled person in the world, and while there may be some truth to that, I do have experience when it comes to LONG car rides with children.  I may not have seen much of this old world but I am very familiar with the route […]

Sewing, Trees, & Haircuts!

I am beginning to think that if there were an award for the most forgetful blogger I would win it.  I forgot ‘Field Trip Fridays,’ again! I had something planned to share and I got side tracked once again. I have been busy trying to get things made for Christmas and I fear little else […]

A couple of hours out!

Joel had another good day today, he woke up without a fever so we got our 2 hour pass. Joel was so happy he was beaming as he got into the van. For a short time today we felt like a normal family again. Okay normal isn’t the right word but it didn’t feel like […]

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