Medieval Fair

The kids and I have been having a great time enjoying the warmer weather and continue to try and get out of the house as often as possible. We had the opportunity to take in the Medieval Fair at Upper Canada Village. Tons of fun. I have a thing about taking pictures of their backs you’ll see it show up over and over again in various posts.
Now we know why they say knights in shining armor. They divide us in half, and half of us were from Scotland and the other from England. This Fellow was the Prince of Scotland and myself and all my littles cheered heartily for him!!!
Ah the English Knight.
Let the Joust begin!!
Here are my young squires and my ladies in waiting.
More backs too cute.Every young squire needs to know how to throw a spear. Look at that form…what technique!
He may only be 3 but he is not going to be out done by his big brothers.

Josh is using the double hand method! Fierce!!

Is that a princess?
He really liked those spears.
Josh told people that his Daddy rules with an iron fist. Now where did he hear that? I think it is even funnier if you know Dave. Dave can be firm with the kids but he is also very soft hearted.

He can be so cute.
You didn’t think we could go somewhere where there were horses without Taliah making a new friend. These fellows are huge but so gentle.
She loves horses.
Now she did sneak her way into a few group shots but most of the activities were a bit more than she could handle..spear throwing wasn’t her thing. She did love the jousting!
What a great day. We had a lot of fun so many of the people at the fair were in character when an airplane flew over one of the guys at the fair said, “Was that a dragon?” the kids just loved it. I love the way a day like this spurs them on to ask questions, pull out books and learn more about this time period.

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