Week 2

Here we are at the end week 2…

08/01/13  Even with a few feet of snow we still BBQ, Dave did ribs up for us on the barbecue!

09/01/13   This has been hanging on our wall for some time now.  It speaks a lot of truth to me.  Without the rain we would not have the abundant, rich,  growth that follows!  Sunshine has it’s place but so do the storms.

10/01/13  Something in the works…

11/01/13  My early morning snuggler  (sometimes night-time too), yes he still has a soother, one thing at a time, there is much going on around here and his soother has not made the top of my to do list yet!  He has eczema on his back and he always goes to sleep with his hand down the back of his shirt. 🙁

12/01/13   Our last rooster standing, a few ended up in the freezer, and one just found the winter too harsh (or so we think).  Thankfully, the last guy standing is our nicest rooster.  The kids call him Raptor.  (Photo credit: Dave)

13/01/13  A quick birthday present, crocheted hair-band.

14/01/13  Oh, one of my favourite things, books in the mail.  Better yet they were paid for with gift cards earned by searching with swagbucks.  If you are not familiar with swagbucks scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the swagbucks icon.

Week 2 down 50 to go…

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