Week 1

Last year I enjoyed watching the weeks of the year go by at Reformation Acres, a beautiful blog written by Quinn.  She took on the challenge to take a photo a day through the year.  I looked forward to the glimpses into their lives each week and decided that we would give it a try over here.  I am afraid I do not quite have her talent for photography, but I do have an obsession with photographing life.  I was off to a bit of a slow start and had some help from Dave, unless otherwise mentioned the photos will be taken by me.  I do have some children that occasionally get behind the lens, but I’ll always let you know who has snapped the picture.  I hope you all enjoy the journey through 2013.

01/01/13  Hannah and Samuel are enjoying an apple as they sit by the warmest register in the house. (Dave took this one.)

02/01/13  Sadly this was the only photo taken on this day, by Dave, of the lunch Joshua made for us all!

03/01/13  Samuel all cozy on Taliah’s bed.

04/01/13  This is Cole and Joel.  Cole and his sister and Mum came for a visit, the kid’s had a fantastic time.  Joel and Cole met in the hospital and Cole has battled bravely against the monster cancer too!  Joel looked at this picture and said he didn’t think it would look like that, he was going for some desired effect but it didn’t quite work out for him.  I love it anyway!

o5/01/13  Sleeping puppy, well dog.

06/01/13  Trying to get a decent picture of Samuel after church but he is very  much in a silly mode as soon as you pick up the camera.

07/01/13  We have had a tonne of snow; the children were outside playing in it for awhile and having a great time.  When they came in we discovered Hannah had mild frostbite on her cheeks.  (I was rather freaked out on the inside, as we had her well bundled up)  Taliah said Hannah did take a bit of a face plant in the snow.  I spent the better part of an hour warming her cheeks with warmish-hot face cloths.  It took along time for the white part to pink up again.  We put Aloe on her skin and tonight her skin looks fine.  Praying that in the morning it still looks good.

Week 1 down, 51 to go!

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