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Today was a special day in our house which passed without much pomp and circumstance.  13 years ago today I gave birth to my very first child.  I find it hard to believe I am the mother of a teenager.  I remember years ago when I only had wee little ones listening to another Mom who was saying how strange it was to be buying deodorant for one child and diapers for another.  In just a few short days that will be me with a new one in diapers.

Elijah is a sweet boy young man, he is struggling with just that I think.  Part of him wants to be treated with the respect of which he feels his years demand yet still clings to some of his boyish ways.  I am not in a rush to force him to grow up, yet at the same time want to guide him in the path in which he should go.  He can be so grown up sometimes and well, other times he is like any other boy growing into a man.

Dave is trying to really take him under his wing (not to imply he wasn’t before) but just to help with leading and guiding him in the ways of becoming a godly young man.  Oh how the time marches by.  I can close my eyes and see him brand new curled up in my lap, just minutes old.  I can see my little toddler, turned boy, turned young man. How is it possible?

We had a little cake and he opened one gift as we could not let the actual day he turned 13 go by.  Tomorrow Gramma and Biba, Uncle Kyle and Mr. Steve will join us for supper. Gramma is bring everything but the salad, bless her.  She is making her famous lasagna she makes her noodles from scratch it is so yummy and a strawberry cheesecake.  So we will do the actual ‘party’ tomorrow.

 Happy Birthday Elijah you mean so much to us all, what a precious gift you are to our family.  These first 13 years have been wonderful I look forward to the future and all that it holds for you.  Love you, Momma

Now my middle boy Joshua I almost got a picture of today he was playing in the snow and he had the most perfect rosy cheeks.  When I went to get my camera he’d already decided to come in the house and I missed my window of opportunity.

This evening I was doing a few things in my room and Joel came in and curled up on my bed and talked to me for awhile.  I hear very little from Joel about what he thinks about day to day things but he tells me all about Lego and all the wonderful things that you can build.  He got very quiet and I looked over and he had fallen asleep ever so quickly.  I had to take a picture, he does not weigh nearly what he did but he has gained back nearly 2 kilos ( I used to be a pounds girl I still am to a degree but the hospital goes by kilos, that’s about 5 pounds) He lost about 15 pounds so it is so good to see some of the weight go back on. He may not weigh what he once was but he has some cute little cheeks again!! His hair and eyebrows and lashes are all looking so good, sadly I think it will fall out again.  The last time he had the B cycle chemo he lost his hair for the second time.  Before this is all over I think his hair will have fallen out 4 times.  He just roles with it.

 Sleep tight!

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