Over doing it….

I did something dumb today.  I had taken Joel to his appointment, and was running late coming home.  As Dave works nights I have to have supper ready by a certain time so we can get him off to work on time. I came home and the wind had blown quite a bit of snow across the driveway, there was a lot of drifts…. I guess I could have parked at the bottom of the drive but it would have been too hard for Joel to trudge through it.  So I gunned it and tried to plow through the snow in our not so trusty minivan.  We got stuck, so I backed up and drove forward and backed up and drove forward and so on, until I had as so stuck we weren’t going anywhere.

You couldn’t get out the passenger side because the snow was too high.  I got Elijah to get some shovels and Joel waited in the van.  We started trying to dig the van out we got the snow out from around the wheels.  I tried to move the van again but the tires just spun.  I asked Elijah to walk Joel up to the house as we were at least half way up the driveway.  I told him to tell Taliah to get Daddy up and tell him we were stuck in the driveway.  Well when he came out he was none to impressed with me.  Not because the van was stuck but because I was shoveling the snow. “You trying to have that baby right now?!?”

Well, maybe with in a half an hour I realized how right he was… Oh I hurt… shoveling snow at 38+ weeks is not such a good idea.  Of course, Dave was able to move the van and it was sitting on a pile of snow Elijah and I would never have moved it on our own.

Taliah talked me into taking a hot bath to relax, once I had all the little ones in bed I took my bath.  I am relaxed but still sore 🙁   Live and learn, I’m staying away from the snow shovels.

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