Joel came in tonight and curled up in my bed again, he has had a very sleepy day, this last round of chemo seems to have taken a lot out of him.  He sleepily said, “I can’t wait until I get married.” 
Of course, I asked him, “Why?”
He said in the most sweetest voice, “So I can be a Daddy!”
It pulled at my heart and brought me back to April 15th 2010 when we listened to all the possible side effects of Joel’s treatment, we were told that it most likely that he will not be able to have children.  Yet he can’t wait to be a Daddy.  I know he is only 5 years old and there is no point spending time pining about something that is years away.  There is no way of knowing what the future will hold for any of my children, yet because so much has been spoken about what we should expect in Joel’s future it is hard not to let it taint my expectations for Joel’s future. That being said… all things are possible with God…. God can bring complete healing with no side effects to Joel.  If Joel is unable to have children there are many children in this world who need a home and what a wonderful thing it would be if Joel and his future wife would open their home to little ones who need a Momma & Daddy.
There are many hurdles ahead of Joel, yet we have already seen God at work in Joel’s life.  Please don’t miss understand me, just because I have concerns for Joel’s future, does not mean that I lack faith in what God can do in Joel’s life.  I fully believe that God’s plan for Joel has not changed, his cancer has not changed Joel’s path, and in that I take great comfort.
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