I like snow… the clean fresh white look… the quiet…
However, whiteout conditions… slippery roads… black ice…
I am not a fan of those things. We are supposed to be hit by quite the storm tonight and tomorrow.  I am also supposed to hit the road bright and early tomorrow morning with Joel for a chemo and some tests.  I am dreading it.  I have no desire to be out and about tomorrow… yet I don’t want to miss his appointments.  
What if I cancel and it turns out to be not that bad… what if we head out and it is horrific????  Please pray that I will make the best decision for this situation.
If we do go, I am going to bring candles, blankets, water and granola bars and a cellphone.  Dave already checked the oil, filled the tank and topped up the windshield washer fluid.  Dave can’t go because he has to work so it is my call and I struggle on occasion with indecisiveness.   If I can’t see the road from the house that is a pretty clear indicator to stay home.  Please keep us in your prayers.
So we decided to stay home, changed our minds and got ready only to see the wind and snow pick up.  I called the hospital and talked to the receptionist in the Medical Day Unit and she said it was pretty bad there too.  We decided to cancel our appointments, I dislike canceling at the last minute but I am relieved to be staying home today.
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