Another Hospital Stay Over

For what ever reason I cannot update my blog at the hospital anymore. Thankfully, things went reasonably well.

On Monday Dave and the kids came to the hospital to drop Joel and I off. The kids all hang out in the playroom, doing crafts and playing games with each other. Before any hospital admit Joel gets weighted, measured, blood pressure, temperature and blood oxygen level checked. Then they access his port and take a blood sample, if everything comes back fine he has a visit with the Oncologist. If they are happy with how Joel is doing then they sign the orders and Joel is admitted for chemo.

Usually, Joel is all settled in his room by early afternoon. This time they told us Joel was ready to go but they didn’t have a room for him and it could be after six before they would be ready for him. We decided to take the kids out for lunch to kill some time. When we came back to the hospital it was after 3 and still no room ready. It was just before 7pm before Joel and I were in his room and Dave and the other kids were headed back home.

This stay at the hospital was a disappointment to Joel. He has a nasty cold so he was put in isolation. Which basically means he can’t leave his room. He pretty much stayed in bed the whole time rather bored with his circumstances.

Thankfully, no sign of nausea, and his appetite has remained fairly stable. He is pretty tired but it is hard to say whether it is the chemo or the cold that is causing his fatigue.

Joel and I are both happy to back at home tonight. Once again, I thank you all for your continued prayers and words of encouragement.


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