A button for Joel

I have so many stories from the past week when my Internet was down… but I really wanted to share this first. Savannah over at Baby Bundle Boutique helped me out with this button.

I wanted to have a blog button for Joel to encourage others who blog to pray for him and maybe have a few others praying for him too. When we first found out about his tumor we had no idea what all lay ahead for Joel.
Joel has a long road ahead of him he won’t finish treatment until the end of May 2011, and even then there is still recovery time. Not to mention all the side effects from treatment we have been warned about.
Of course our prayer for Joel is for a complete recovery with no side effects and we would love as many people joining in prayer with us for this.
We also keep Joel’s progress updated here so it is an easy way to link back and check on him.
Thanks everyone for all your love and prayers!!!

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