Today my sweet girl turned 12.  I always say this but I can’t believe she is 12, although in many ways she seems so much more grown-up than 12.  Maybe it has to do with all she has been through and seen.  She made countless trips to the Children’s Hospital when Joel was having his […]

Homemade Christmas….

Finally, I can check something off my list of things to do!!!  I am by no means a great sew-er, I want to be…. but I am just not there yet.   However, I really wanted to make this a Homemade Christmas as much as possible.   I am a great idea person, not always […]


Wow, 11 years ago today my sweet Taliah Marie made her way into this world and how blessed I feel that God picked me to be her Momma!  Taliah is one of the sweetest kids I know.  At the age of 8 she donated her hair for cancer wigs long before Joel had cancer.  When […]

Birthday Girls

As promised here is a post about the girls birthdays. We celebrated their birthdays about two weeks apart. Hannah was thrilled to celebrate her special day. She is now 3 years old what a big girl. Hannah didn’t need any help blowing out her candles. When she finished her cake she hopped out of her […]

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