Travelling with Children

I have claimed the title before as being the least travelled person in the world, and while there may be some truth to that, I do have experience when it comes to LONG car rides with children.  I may not have seen much of this old world but I am very familiar with the route […]

1-6 Number Game

Joel seems to be dominating my blog lately, truly I do have other children and I do spend time with them too. Joel is a bright little guy.  He has an excellent sense of humour and keeps us laughing.  He is not unintelligent, but his brain has been effected by his surgery and possible by […]

Organize with Printable To Do Lists

Get Organized! September will be here soon and it is time to get organized.  I thought over the next little while I would share some of the ways I try and stay organized.  Some of the ways I stay organized is keeping several binders that keep my info at my finger tips.  I am also […]

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