The Clean Heart, Clean Home Challenge

Okay, this is a little last-minute and I apologize for that but I want to invite all of you on a journey with me….

Here comes the preamble…

Remember I said that this was the year that I was going to get organized?  Funny thing is I am ‘not too bad’ in the realm of organizing but add in six children and there is always room for improvement.  I love taking the 4 weeks of Advent and focusing on Christ and this year it was terrible over-shadowed with all the things I left to the last-minute.  I have resolved to change and to do better.  I can also think back on how hard it was for my Mom to step into my shoes when Joel was diagnosed with cancer.  I was gone for 10 weeks it went from winter, to spring, to summer in those few weeks.  My Mom was left to dig through poorly labeled bins to find clothes for the children.  Not to mention homeschooling and running the house.

I don’t plan on going anywhere, I don’t plan on having any seriously ill children in the future yet I do feel the need to organize things around here so that if ever there was the need again my Mom or anyone else could easily step in and run things here.  I want to have things so well-organized that it is easy to find things.  I have been working on my home-management binder so that it reads like a how to manual for running this home and family!!

Which leads me to my journey starting tomorrow over the next 52 days I am going to take part in, THE CLEAN HEART, CLEAN HOME CHALLENGE!!!  Do you want to join me???  You can download a copy of the challenge for yourself!  It comes with a calendar for the next 52 days a devotional and a step by step process to cleaning and de-cluttering your house and heart!!!

So are you in if you can’t start tomorrow, why not read Sundays stuff on Monday and double up on Monday or start a week later.  I will post on Monday my progress and I would love to hear how you are all doing so please come back and join in the journey.  Leave me a comment letting me know your joining in and I’ll pray for you through this process too!  Happy New Year every one!!!

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