Order please!!!

I think I have written in this vein before. I long to keep an orderly house free of clutter and neat and tidy. I am so far from consistently keeping an orderly home. I achieve it for awhile and then something happens that throws me of course and a few days later I feel like I am scrambling to find order again. It is a constant thing I struggle with. I write lists and then write new lists. I come up with schedules clean this on Monday that on Tuesday you get the idea. Life continues to get in the way of my best laid plans.

Well I have a nice little butter keeper that I bought when we moved to the country because there always seems to be at least a few flies in the house. You are thinking what does a butter dish have to do with a tidy house. Nothing really yet it is also an example of the crazy little things that go on around here that play havoc with my schedule. Now butter dishes come with a lid to keep dust and pests out. Remember these cute little guys the cats not the kids but their cute too!!!

Did you see it coming????? that is a really good reason to keep the lid on!!
Laundry is another task that I find a challenge to stay on top of. If I miss a few days look out I am stuck climbing Mount Washmore!! I find washing and drying it is not the hardest job it is the folding and putting away. Now keep in mind the bed in this picture is a King size.Oh I climbed Mount Washmore and I conquered it!!! It actually all got folded and put away.All that to say if I ever come up with a schedule that works with my crazy life you guys will be the first to hear about it!!! Hope I made y’all smile.

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