Week 6, 7, 8, 9, & 10

If you are new here my goal was to take a picture a day and post them weekly…

Honestly, could I be any worse at this?? Really??  I had no idea I would be this terrible or I would never have jumped at this.  Sure I expected I would forget to take a picture here and there, and that I might be late posting but this is ridiculous.  With my head hung in shame here we go…

Week 6


This is Elijah in his Air Cadet uniform on his 15th Birthday, he is taller than me now.  (Some might say that isn’t saying much).


An early morning (I believe Dave took this one).


Samuel hiding on me.  I think when life starts to feel rough we should just cover our eyes for a moment.  I love how he feels so long as he can’t see you then you can not see him!


This is one of my favourite pictures.  Samuel is pointing at Dave who is standing outside taking Samuel’s picture. I love the reflections in the window too.  Obviously Dave is the photographer here.


I did take pictures this day but I loved this picture of my brother and Hannah snuggling so it won out as the picture of the day.  Dave gets photo credits once again.

10/02/13  No picture


Joel just being cute.  He is telling me he zipped up his sweater himself.  It took a lot of therapy to get to this point and so we celebrate the small stuff which to us is pretty big stuff.

Week 7

12/02/13   No picture


This is a picture of Samuel’s Birthday Crown in the works…

14/02/13    No picture.  Joel and I were at the hospital for the day and in the spirit of this challenge I brought my camera to the hospital but neglected to put the SD card in the camera.


It was so hard to pick one picture from this day, this was Samuel’s 2nd Birthday and there were so many fun pictures but I love this shot of him hiding under the table in his crown and cape.  (Both Dave and I took pictures of him under the table that day, so I am not positive which one of us took this…)

16/02/13  No picture

17/02/13   No Picture


Hmmm a sweet potato…

Week 8

19/02/13  No picture


Sleeping Samuel


Apparently, I had a thing about taking sleeping photos…


Mmmm enough said.

23/02/13   No picture

24/02/13    No picture

25/02/13    No picture

Week 9

26/02/13   No picture


I am currently off wheat for a bit and tried this recipe.  I love simple and this was 2 bananas, a cup of oatmeal and some chocolate chips.  I decided to add some cinnamon too… they were all eaten… but I do believe I heard the words, “…worst cookie I have ever eaten.”


We have had a lot of snow this winter, not to worry Quinn, there are currently no chickens in this coop.


I have a whole bunch of projects on the go and I am working hard it checking a bunch off that list!  Here is one such project in the works…

02/03/13Loving the different colours the eggs are coming in, no need to colour these eggs!


The first of many bean bags to be made.


Random Lego shot.  Photo Credit: Elijah

Week 10

05/03/13   No picture

06/03/13  So the only pictures I took on this day were of the Duplo I need to pass along.


David and Samuel on a homeschool field trip!

08/03/13    No picture 


One of our chickens just started laying and laid the olive coloured one that is about the size of a yolk, we have another chicken that lays huge eggs.  They make quite the pair.  I need to take a picture of them together when I crack them.  I am guessing the big one is a double yolker!

10/03/13    No picture


My first attempt at crocheted food.  I see more in my future.

I would like to say I can only improve from here on out, and i hope that is true but if I get worse I think it will be time to throw in the towel.  Here’s to next week!

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