UPDATE:  We found Jenny! (Thanks)

Just a quick one.  Prayers for Joel for tomorrow.  Long test.  He has to be at the hospital for 8 am fasting, his test can run up to 6 hours long.  He has to fast the entire time.  Valentine’s Day at the hospital usually means chocolate and cupcakes not fun if you are fasting.  

His doctors feel Joel has stopped growing and they have already ruled out an under active thyroid, so this test will be checking to see if his body is making growth hormone.

Joel told me that when we get there I need to ask for a nurse who does really gentle pokes.    Joel will be on an IV for the duration of the test and they will draw blood several times throughout the test.

Joel has a stuffed moose ‘Jenny,’ they met the day Joel was diagnosed and Jenny has been to every surgery, chemo, radiation, appointment etc.   We have looked everywhere for him (yes, Jenny is a boy) and we can’t find Jenny.  This is causing some stress for Joel.  I am sure he can make it through tomorrow without Jenny but it would be great if we could find him.

Appreciate your prayers!

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