Joel’s Journey

I thought I would have time on the weekend to post pictures but Saturday was so busy and Sunday after church we just took it easy and had a restful afternoon.  I still haven’t had time to grab the pictures from my camera,  I promise I will get to it.  I thought I’d share a video I made of Joel’s Journey.  The music is by Downhere and I have to share some of the lyrics because they have meant a lot to me.

The Calmer of the Storm (this is just an exerpt)

Teach me, Lord to have faith
In what you’re bringing me will
Change my life and bring you glory &

There on the storm I am learning to let go
Of the will that I so long to control
There may I be in your arms eternally
I thank you, Lord, you are the calmer of the storm.

Joel’s Cancer was definitely our Storm yet God brought peace to us.  Even now the desire to have Joel’s future mapped out the way we want it to go is still there.  So I am still learning to let go of the will that I so long to control.

The other song is Great Are You

Because I’ll never hold a picture
Of the whole horizon in my view
Because I’ll never rip the night in two
It makes me wonder
Who am I, who am I, who am I
And great are You
Great are You, Lord

This song has been a reminder that I can’t see the bigger picture but that the One who can is Great!  I can trust Him with Joel’s future.


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