Childhood Cancer

Round 2

I promise every post this month won’t be about cancer.  We are getting excited tomorrow is Joel’s Victory party.  It is late at night and I still have tidying to do before the big day.  Please please please,  pray,   they are calling for a 60% chance of thunder showers tomorrow afternoon and evening.

I finished the sign I decided to go around the outline in black it was worth the time it took I’ll have pictures tomorrow.

The kids and I had an adventure in our Nations Capital (Ottawa),  we went to pick up brochures about Candlelighters.  Dave Mapquested it for me.  We had the worst time finding parking,  but we made it work.   Once I had our package I retraced our steps back to the Hwy,  no problem.   Oh no,  no on ramp.  Apparently you can only exit the Hwy there.   Well,  it was no simple task finding an on ramp.  I am sure if you live there or are familiar with the city it would be easy peasy.  However,  I  know how to get to the Children’s Hospital and the Wal Mart near it and a few other spots,  but other than that I’m lost.   I think we saw about half of Ottawa today.   Joel kept saying, ” I think we’re lost .”  Hannah kept telling me to look at a map.  Really my sense of direction may not be the best, but it is not pitiful.  I knew where about we needed to be my problem was one way streets.   We saw the Hwy a few times it was just getting to it.

I finally had to give in and get the kids some drive thru because I had long run out of snacks.  The trip that I thought would take us 3 hours ended up taking us closer to 6.  Once I knew where we were we did stop at the Wal Mart for paper plates and decided to pick up the buns for the party too.  I thought I am sure the buns sitting on the shelf will be the same ones tomorrow.  As we are expecting a crowd I had to get a lot.

As I am loading up my cart with all 6 kids in tow a sweet lady smiles and asked, “Are these all yours?”  (the kids not the buns)

To which I smile back and say, “Yes!”

Elijah smiling,  enthusiastically says, “Yeah and some of us want even more kids!”

With surprise on her face she exclaims, ‘Oh wow!”  Looking at our cart that I am still piling buns into she asks, “Is someone having a Birthday?”

The kids explain that we are having an end of cancer treatment party.  She asks us who had cancer and the kids all point at Joel.  She then tells us how her husband just finished cancer treatment and calls her husband over to meet us explaining the cancer connection.  We wish each other well as I am grabbing the last couple of bags of  buns.   She smiles and goes to grab a loaf a bread and says, ” I just have to squeeze in here with the Partridge family!”    We part ways and grab a few more things before heading to the check out.  As we are unloading all our bags of buns at the checkout a lady grabs my arm and asks me if the buns are on sale.

Finally everyone and every bun is loaded into our van and we headed home.   Once home there was a flurry of activity until one by one each person headed off to bed.

I wanted to share a few blog links tonight because I did say I was gonna talk a little more about Childhood Cancer.  Jenny over at Sippy Cup Chronicles  posted about Childhood Cancer Awareness Month too and I loved her tag line ‘Make Gold the New Pink’.  Everyone is so familiar with the pink ribbon but so few are familiar with the Gold.  I am all for cancer awareness of all kinds but while seeing a child with cancer pulls on our heart strings,   it does not seem to always pull on our purse strings.  If it does pull on our purse strings and you make a donation to wonderful organizations like,  the cancer society, a very small portion of their donations go to furthering research for childhood cancer research.  Later this month I will highlight some charities that your money goes to help Childhood Cancer Research.

Renee,  over at Life With my Special K’s also wrote about Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.  She shared how much cancer kids do with out and had the neat idea of us all giving up something for the month of September in honor of Childhood Cancer Awareness.  Please pop by their blogs and spread the word about Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

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