2 Months Old

These ten little toes are two months old.  Hard to believe the time has flown by.  I am always amazed how in an instant our lives can change, never to be the same again.  I can never imagine my life without Samuel.  I can’t imagine our day to day without him and his cute little toes.
 I tried desperately to get a good picture of him today in honor of his ‘monthaversery’  I would get these great smiles but when I got the camera this is what I got.
 Old sober sides, but I persisted.
 I got this little squinty one but there had to be a better one in there somewhere.  Dave had to work tonight otherwise I would have coaxed those smiles out while he snapped the pictures for me, but sadly he was sleeping.
 Then there was his annoying habit of moving his head all over the place I got lots of blurry pictures.
 Thought I would try again before bed, Taliah said this picture looks like he is giving me his ‘cool dude’ look.
 He has crazy hair that grows into a faux hawk. He has the sweetest blue eyes like his big brother Joshua.
 The boys thought they would try and make him smile.
 Oh alright Momma, if I give you a smile will you put down the camera????
 Close enough.  Samuel we have enjoyed every moment over the last two months and look forward to countless more moments with you sweetie!!

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