Making Your Home a HAVEN!! Week #3

I think if I ever decide to do a series of posts again I should pre-write a bunch of them first because around here life just keeps getting in the way.  Here is my new plan for, ‘Making your Home a HAVEN!’ I am still going to try and post near the beginning of the week, but I am going to role my updates in there as well.  I may throw some random updates in here and there.  If I write about something you’d like to link a post to just leave me the link in the comments and I’ll add it to the post.
I reclaimed the homeschool room… here are some before pictures;
I know really bad, here are the after shots;
I have so many ideas of how to improve this space, unfortunately I do not have the funds to change much so I need to come up with some frugal ideas.  That could be a whole other series though.
I asked you guys to consider the areas where clutter accumulates and to see if you could come up with ideas to help stop it from coming back.  Well I had some small success in this area, but it is still sort of in the works, so as soon as I’m done I’ll post about it.
In the meantime what’s next on the list?  I have a few things;
1) If clutter is still an issue continue to plug away at it.
2) Continue to problem solve those clutter areas.
3) Make a schedule.
We use to have a schedule, in the last year any resemblance of order went out the window.  It amazes me how an illness in a family affects so many parts of your day to day existence.
I have found that when you have a schedule things move smoother.  Some people will schedule every 15 minutes.  Others just have a rough list of things to accomplish in a day.  Figure out what works best for you and make your schedule.
As for our hearts, hmm so much work can be done here.  It is a continuous process isn’t it.  It is hard for us to see the things that need work in our own hearts.  Remember Jesus talking about removing the plank from our own eye before we pick the speck in our brothers eye?  In this case he is referring to judging one another, but the point I am making is that often we don’t even realize we have that plank there. Which makes me think about this verse;
“…The Lord does not see as man sees; for man looks at the outward appearances, but the Lord looks at the heart.”  -1 Samuel 7
Ask God to show you what He sees. Ask Him to go deeper than the outside appearance, and help you to see  the plank in your heart.  Ask Him if there are things in your life that hold you back from being the person He wants you to be.  For me I would add are there things in my heart that I need to deal with that are getting in the way of me being the wife and mother He has created me to be.
I know I am having a hard time getting these posts up but I am loving this process.  I love seeing neglected corners getting dusted off and organized.  As hard as it is I love that my heart is being dusted off, oh I don’t always love what I find under the dust but I love that God is there gently pulling away the layers and helping me to become the person he wants me to be.
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