A Question of Colour…

I have been asked several times about Samuel’s hair colour and honestly, it is still a bit of a mystery to us too.  Joshua was born with his red hair right from the start.  Samuel’s hair was brown like his brother and sister.  As time has gone on it has lightened and while it is still brown in some lights we see some red highlights.
Dave says its brown, when I say I see red in it he tells me he can’t see it.  My Mom says she sees red too.  Yet it is still predominately brown.  I still wonder will it stay brown his eyebrows are very fair. 
So, the jury is still out on this one.

Look for “Making your Home a Haven” on Tuesday.  (Sorry!)

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  1. How about auburn….but there is no doubt about it (talking to a hairdresser) there is red!So beautiful!

  2. That last picture of him sleeping is just beautiful. Every time I visit here I get more excited to meet our new little one sometime in the upcoming weeks :)

  3. You never know, my boy was born with dark brown hair too. At about 3 – 4 months it had a reddish tint to it and everyone thought he was going red. But by the time he hit six months, maybe seven months old it was obvious he was going to be a blondie.My daugther was born with black hair (like me) that quickly lightened by four months to a like brown. Now her hair is more of "dirty blonde" color with lighter blonde highlights.I do see the reddish in his hair and have in some of the previous pictures. I think it's fun that your kids have so many diffent hair shades. :)

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