No small baby….

I hope I didn’t get anyone to excited with that title… as I am STILL pregnant, 39 weeks to be exact.  I think I mentioned before that my doctor decided not to induce on Friday, so we are just waiting to see what happens at this point.

He did have me go for an ultrasound and a stress test this morning.  I am told all is well.  I was also told that according to their calculations with the ultrasound this little one is already 8 pounds 7 ounces.  So, I won’t be having a wee little one, I’ve never had a 6 pounder, I’ll look at other peoples babies and think wow that baby is tiny.

I remember when Joel was born he had some breathing issues, (he was breathing too quickly) so he had to spend sometime in the special care nursery at the hospital.  When he was in there, there were 3 pound twin girls, and a 5 pound boy.  Joel weighed 10 pounds and looked enormous, he actually kicked the door open on his incubator.  Dave thought it would be funny to say, “Good thing he was only born a month early!”  He was actually born right on time.

Joel has his MRI tomorrow, and  after that as far as I am concerned this babe can show up anytime.  Dave has to work Friday night so he is hoping for Saturday as he doesn’t want to miss work.  I on the other hand think Friday is a great day.  Your welcome to pray for Friday or Saturday in the end this babe will come when he’s ready.

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