Renovations and moving on up…

When we bought our house about a year and a half ago one of the things that sold us was the potential for growth.  It had a walk up attic that we envisioned as a massive bedroom for the boys. It also has a one and a half story summer kitchen that needs to be properly winterized and finished. The main floor of which we hope to one day make into a family room and the loft area to make into a hang out for the girls.
After Joel came home from the hospital in June last year he had a short rest period before starting chemo.  I said to Dave maybe would should start taking steps to finishing the attic for the boys.  Then we would have an extra bedroom for ‘quarantine’ if we needed it.  We were told if one of the other kids got sick to try and keep the kids separated for Joel’s sake.  At first I think Dave thought I was crazy.  I told him I knew we didn’t have the cash to finish the room but if we started we’d be closer then just waiting for the money to show up, and we could pray about it and if God wanted it to happen then it would happen.  Dave relieved that I wasn’t asking him to magically produce what it would take to finish the room was totally on board. Now, I guess I wasn’t thinking and I never took any pictures of the attic completely unfinished, but it here it is with the strapping added and the electrical started.
We shared our vision for this space with friends and family, people joined with us in prayer for this room.  Our church wanted to help and approached a few local businesses, and we were incredibly blessed by the kindness of strangers who donated many of the supplies needed.  We had several guys from church come by and help carry up insulation and dry wall, then we had help with electrical, drywalling, mudding, priming etc.
This is what things looked like as the insulation went up.
Next came the drywall! It is starting to look more like a room.
And then it was time to paint…
 Hannah had on a pair of old pj’s that she called her work clothes.
 Josh was the one who stuck it out the longest with painting.
Joel even did some painting!!!
 The big kids and of course, Mommy and Daddy painted as well, but I didn’t capture that with the camera.  At this point the excitement was really building with the kids.  We heard over and over again the chorus, “I can’t wait till the attic is finished.”  Dave got busy and got the floor down and then friends Michael and Robert came by to put the final push on to get trim work up.
The kids couldn’t wait to sleep up there, Elijah swept and mopped the floor so that they could camp out in their sleeping bags!
 A little blurry but they all got cozy for their first night…Taliah joined in on the fun.
Uncle Kyle, Gramma and Biba came over the next day to help move the boys in but first here is a look at their old room.  Not to much to it. 
And now here are several shots of the NEW ROOM!!!!!!
 Joel’s corner of the room.
 Elijah’s corner…
 Lego table… if this baby is indeed a boy this will one day be his corner of the attic.
Joshua’s corner and below is his bed.

 A couple random shots of the attic…

 Joel is loving the new room and Joshua wanted his picture taken too, at this point Elijah shies away from the camera.
 That does not mark the end of our work though. the boys room was a bit bigger then the girls room so we had to move the girls in to the boys old room.
 This is Hannah’s side of the room.
 And here is Taliah’s side of the room.  The girls are happy with their new digs too.

 Finally, this rather eclectic looking room is our guest/ quarantine room.  I am looking forward to repainting it one day and replacing curtains and bedding, but all in good time.  Gramma slept here this past week while Joel and I were at the hospital.  She found it funny that the room is referred to as the ‘old girl’s room.’  She said it has a double meaning the room the girls used to sleep in and the ‘OLD girl’s’ room.   
It may have taken us from June till January but it is done. Well 95% done there are a few touch up things and trim issues but for the most part it is done.  We are amazed and feel so blessed on so many levels.  Joel has tolerated treatment so well, and has been relatively healthy, we have had colds, but so far have been spared from nasty flus and fevers.  So far, we haven’t had  any need to quarantine anyone.  We had so much help from so many people there is no way we could have accomplished this on our own.  It was amazing to watch how God orchestrated the timing and provisions for this project. 
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