George Muller

The children and I finished reading the remarkable biography of George Muller. If you are unfamiliar with him he has an amazing story, but what he is probably most well known for was the establishing of several orphanages. In his 63 years of running and caring for the orphanages he is credited to have cared for over 10 000 orphans!

I found this next quote very interesting; it was written in 1898, and it sounds like something you would hear being uttered today. The Liverpool Mercury wrote about George Muller’s accomplishments shortly after his death:

“How was this wonder accomplished? Mr. Muller has told the world that it was the result of ‘Prayer.’ The rationalism of the day will sneer at this declaration; but the facts remain.”

The wonder he is referring to is the housing, clothing, feeding and educating of over ten thousand orphans. Each child on leaving the orphanage was given 3 sets of new clothes, was set up in a career, often they would cover the apprenticeship costs which would cover one year’s wage. George Muller never once asked anyone for money, yet he let all his needs be known to God and never once did those children do without.

His life is an interesting read and an incredible testimony to faith and trust in the Lord.


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