Updating, Joel & my ultrasound

I never updated how things went the other day so I thought on the off chance that someone was losing sleep wondering about it I should fill you all in. Finally, on Tuesday morning I reached someone in the ultra sound department and explained I was at CHEO with Joel and they scheduled me in for Wednesday morning. She stressed my doctor insisted it had to be this week. Joel did amazingly well with his chemo he is really getting tolerant of all the pokes and jabs. He still hates having adhesive pulled off but other than that he hardly flinched.

Wednesday morning I was off to have my ultrasound I had to pull over and stop at a truck stop… you know all that water they make you drink well it was more then I could handle. No fear not having a full enough bladder as I was waiting for my appointment I thought I was going to explode.

Eventually, I was called and we got started it was wonderful to watch our tiny little one moving arms and legs all about. The technician left for a moment and came back with my next appointment time I am to go back on the 17th of this month. What? Why? The technician explained I was not far enough along for her to do the full evaluation. ????? I wonder why my doctor insisted I come in this week. She said it was because I was unsure of my dates… yet when I saw my Doctor he did a quick ultrasound in his office to confirm dates. ????? Sounds fishy to me.

So, I will have to endure the water torture all over again in just over 2 weeks. I wish I had Joel’s bladder they have nicknamed him, ‘the camel’ at the hospital. At any rate she says I am about 16 weeks which means our little one is about the size of an avocado.

The baby center has a week by week comparison that starts at week 4 with a poppy seed 🙂 if you want to check out the other pictures click here.


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