Annoyed…and moving beyond it

Can you see the irritation on Joel’s face??? Well that is how I am feeling. I was out today and got home to discover there was a message from our local hospital telling me I have an ultra sound tomorrow at 10:45 am… problem, I am at the Children’s hospital an hour and a half away with Joel who will be having chemo at that moment.

So I spent 2 hours on the phone trying to get through to the ultra sound department all I ever got was the ‘answering machine’ which should be called the ‘statement machine’ because it doesn’t take messages. I talked to the operator who paged the ultra sound department over the intercom but they still didn’t answer. I most likely will be marked down as a no show.
I think what frustrates me more than the short notice and inability to get a hold of someone is the fact that this has irked me so much. This is a small thing in the grand scheme of things… very small. I can deal with all sorts of big stuff but it takes something like this to get under my skin and bug me. I don’t like to stand anyone up and I guess that is what is bothering me so much. That and the fact that I let this get me worked up.
Now I need to let it go, I will try in the morning to get a hold of someone but if I can’t I’ll know I tried. My great Aunt use to say to my Mom when she was worrying about something, can you do something about it?? Then do it… if it is out of your control then you need to let it go and stop fretting about it. There is a lot of truth in that I don’t want to waste my time being frustrated.
I will go off with Joel tomorrow to be with him as he has his chemo and I am sure that they will reschedule me… hopefully they will be understanding that it was beyond my control. Thanks for listening to my vent… I feel much better.

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