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Hi everybody!

We headed to the hospital for Joel’s chemo today, it was just a short one. While we were there they checked Joel’s blood counts we expected them to be low after his big chemo last week but were pleasantly surprised to find out that his counts were very good!!!

We head back again tomorrow for two appointments, he sees the eye doctor and a neuro-oncologist. The eye doctor will check his lazy eye he may decided that he is happy with the progress and schedule a follow up or he may decide to patch the good eye to strengthen the weaker. The neuro-oncologist is seeing Joel because his eye lids have started to droop, he always looks sleepy. This has been going on for about a month. Also he has started to have random tremors in his right arm. So he will be addressing these issues.

I have a prayer request while we were at the hospital we got a ticket for $350.00 because we were parked in a wheelchair parking space. We have a permit to do so, Dave took it in and showed it to them. The fellow who wrote the ticket said he didn’t see the permit. He told Dave that he could not revoke it that we would have to go to another location. We drove over there and they took Dave’s statement and info down and told him it would be a few days before a decision could be made, as they would need to see the security guard notes on the matter. Please join with us in prayer that this matter is resolved quickly and in our favor.

Thanks again everyone.

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