Joel feels great!

Joel and I came home yesterday. His Oncologist and her team came by to see him yesterday morning and asked if he had any breakfast. I said, “Yes he had some Cheerios and then a rice krispie square.” (Okay I know rice krispie squares for breakfast is crazy but right now any calorie is a good one.) They all looked shocked and told me it was very unusual as the chemo that Joel had is extremely nauseating, and that kids on it rarely want to eat the next day.

We got to come home and I have been told that there is a chance of delayed nausea with cisplatin which is one of Joel’s chemo drugs. So far, we have had another good day. Joel has slept a lot it is hard to say whether it is the drugs he is on, the chemo, or the fatigue that sets in about 6 weeks after radiation of the brain and spine.

Joel made me laugh today he was starring off rather blankly. So I asked him if he was feeling okay? He got the hugest grin on his face and said, “I fffeeeeeeellll ggggrrrreeaaattttttt. My brain is ffffiiiinnnne!!!

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