I’m Back

I always feel a little guilty when I don’t give a daily update. With our weekend passes, we try to fit so much in and I start the weekend exhausted, so the one thing I can let slide, is the computer.

Friday was a busy day… remember our move at 9pm… well at 8 am they told us that the cleaning staff had thought we had been discharged, so they had placed all of our belongings in garbage bags. I had a huge mess to sort through. The unfortunate part was, they had placed all of Joel’s cards and pictures on top of each other with the tape still on them. Some of them just couldn’t be saved. There was no point in unpacking because:

a) we were going home for a weekend pass and…
b) they decided to move us to yet another room.

Our new room is really nice, and the boy we are sharing a room with is a nice quiet guy.

Joel’s radiation went really well, and he woke up nicely from sedation. In the afternoon, we got to go and make wraps with some other kids, as well as the guys from CTV, who were filming for the upcoming telethon. Joel was fascinated by the cameras and microphones. We were asked to be part of an interview, and I have to say that there is unlikely any chance of a future in TV for Joel and I. So, no fear of us having a reality TV show. We sat down with the interviewer, and Joel talked about all sorts of things, and I was under the impression that they were going to ask me to give my thoughts on our CHEO experience. When the camera started rolling and they said Joel’s name, he buried his face in his chair and they asked me a question, something along the lines of, ‘So, Joel sees Oncology and Rehab, how does that all work together?’ (Cricket noises) “Ahhhhhh welll um,” then I think I looked at the camera. “well you see umm…..” That was it, one shot, one take, it’s a rap, thank you and you’ll be on Sunday. Let’s just pray people are moved to support this wonderful hospital anyway.

When we got back to our room Uncle Kyle was waiting to pick us up, which thrilled Joel. We packed up and headed home. Sadly, Daddy had to work Friday night, but Gramma slept over, so it was nice to have a visit with her.

Saturday, Dave came home and slept for a few hours and then we went shopping for some of the things we will need for this coming week, as we might become out patients living at the Ronald McDonald House. Joel’s Port-a-Cath was put in about 3 weeks ago, and it has been hooked up to a line ever since. I am assuming when we come home for our 4 week break, they will take out the line and then there will be just a bump under the skin.. I haven’t wanted to show any medical pictures but I am breaking that rule tonight. This confusing picture is Joel’s port-a-cath, and it kind of sticks out a bit at his side. When we hug him and lift him, we have to be very careful not to touch it. Joel is very sensitive about it. He only wants to wear button up tops; I have looked, with out success, for button up pj’s. If anyone knows where to find size 6 or 7 boys button up pj’s please let me know.

After our shopping trip, we headed home for a movie night. Dave and I watched the Young Victoria and really liked it. I wish it was twice as long, with more details, it felt like we were just getting into the story when it was already finishing. I don’t mean it dragged, it just felt like we had only been watching for a 1/2 hour when it was over.

We skipped church today… the weekend seemed really short so we decided to do church at home. With Dave working Friday night and sleeping Saturday morning, our visit felt like it was cut in 1/2.

Everyone came up to drop us off, and we moved some of our stuff into The Ronald McDonald House (RMH) for our test run on Monday night. If all goes well, they will discuss it at rounds on Tuesday and look at making Joel an out patient. We could commute from home, but with radiation first thing in the morning Monday to Friday, and Occupational Therapy, Physio and Speech Therapy, not to mention other appointments with Oncology and Neurophysiology etc…, it would be too much, this way Joel and I can go back to our room and rest between appointments.

By the way, the room at RMH is lovely!!!! Here is Joel with one of the magicians…so typical Joel, really, he did have a blast.

P.S. If I have neglected to mention to any of you who are local to us, next Sunday my parents’ church is doing a fundraiser lunch/brunch for us. All are welcome, but they need to know numbers ASAP, so if you are interested email me and I will give you the details. Thanks all.

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