Home Again…

Sorry I didn’t write anything yesterday; I get home, there is another capable adult and somehow my body begins to shut down from exhaustion.

Today was another busy day… despite being left in bed as long as possible we were off to an early start. Elijah is a real budding chef, under Dave’s tutelage he made French Toast for the family. After breakfast we cleaned up and got ready to head out to the Kline’s house. Their son was celebrating his birthday today. He has been praying for Joel that he would be well enough to come to his birthday party. We didn’t stay for the actual party but we did get to go by and spend a little time before the party with them. Joel was very proud that he was able to carry the gift in. As we need to be careful and try to keep Joel as healthy as possible we are limiting playtime etc.

After that we made a quick stop at home and were off again. The kids had money burning a hole in their pockets so it was off to Walmart where everyone found pretty much what they were looking for. I made a fast dash into the grocery store for a few items and then it was off to Fema and Biba’s place. That would translate to Grandma and Grandpa… our kids have always called my Dad Biba, and my Mom is Gramma. Hannah says Biba perfectly and has for sometime but she has had a hard time with Gramma. It was a version of Mama for a bit and then progressed to Fannana. Interestingly enough, right around the time that all of this stuff with Joel started, it began to morph into Fema. F.E.M.A. is an acronym for Federal Emergency Management Agency. Funny how appropriate that is, she has definitely been our emergency management agent, as she has stepped in here and helped with the kids, meals, housework etc. Of course, Biba has helped out too, but she has really filled in the maternal void.

I do tend to get off topic… all that said… we had a lovely dinner and visit with them, Uncle Kyle and Mr Stephen. On the way home Hannah fell asleep and Joel started to dose off too. Luckily he woke up long enough for me to get his nighttime meds into him before he fell fast asleep. It was a full day but a fun one. It is so great to watch Joel playing and laughing with his brothers and sisters. Watching the boys putting Lego together or Joel looking at a picture Taliah drew is so incredibly normal looking. These weekends go by way to quickly.


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