Another Fast Update

Tonight wireless isn’t my problem, it’s the dial up connection… because we are HOME!!! We have to be back at the hospital no later then 8 pm on Sunday night. Joel is very excited to have 2 sleeps at home. He had a rough morning at the hospital but has been a very happy guy here at home. They have decided not to move us after all because they are going to review Joel’s case and see about making him an out patient.

That idea excites and frightens me at the same time. Getting out of the hospital – fantastic! Logistically, how do we make that work – not so good. I need to start writing down my questions and concerns of ‘how do we make this work’ so when they meet with me I can get the answers I need.

I am hoping to find time tomorrow to write a longer post, but after a full day I am totally exhausted. If you could all keep praying for an early time slot for Joel’s radiation that would be stellar!!!


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