It is good to be home I almost want to play hookie and not go back. It has been nice to have time with the other kids. Lots of hugs and cuddles. We were told by hospital staff to have a nice quiet weekend at home. No church, just quiet family time. No horse play, just quiet family time. Dave was going to take the 2 older boys into town for haircuts and one for himself. When Joel figured out what was going on and that the plan did not include him, he started to cry and we could see that the scene was about to escalate quickly. Dave had already figured out a way to get Joel’s chair into the van and have all of the seats working ….so….we quickly piled everyone into the van and headed out for haircuts.

Getting haircuts on Saturday morning without an appointment is not the best idea in the world. The guys put their names in and we headed over to Staples for printer ink and then to the grocery store for a few things. Back to the hairdresser and more waiting. Finally, the boys all got their haircuts and we ran into my friend Alicja getting her hair done. Once again we packed the van full of people and grabbed a bite to eat and headed over to Gramma and Biba’s house for a quick hello to them and Uncle Kyle.

We headed home and spent the better part of the afternoon hanging out watching movies and just enjoying being with each other. I had a long list of things I was going to try and accomplish while I was home, and so far, other then spending time with family, nothing else has been accomplished. Obviously, the time with each other is the most important.

There have been several glimpses of normalcy; all the kids eating oatmeal for breakfast, going for a drive together, hanging out in the playroom watching a movie and eating popcorn. It has been really good for all of us, but the weekend is moving by too quickly; I wish I could slow it down or stretch it out. I think it has energized both Joel and I, and has really been a gift. It really is amazing how something like this helps you to appreciate the small things and to see just how many gifts we have been blessed with. There are no promises of an easy path in this life, but there are promises of not needing to walk it alone.

Your prayers and faith have been a huge blessings to our family!!

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