Another fast one!

Sorry, this is going to be a really short one; once again my wireless is still not working.

Joel had another good day. He went to the play room and painted pictures, had a great physio session and then had his brothers, sisters, and grandparents come for a visit. In the evening, while he was relaxing, we also had a visit from Pete L. and Trussje.

Not to mention a visit from Mrs. Dejong (Kelly) who dropped off some new DVD’s to watch.

As for my concerns, I was able to get much of it sorted out today. Rehab will take us on as their patient until Oncology is ready for us. I got the unofficial results today that Joel will be standard risk for treatment!!!! Praising God for that one.

I am sorry if you have been emailing, I haven’t had a chance to check email; without the connection I barely have time to do this. Dave is coming up tomorrow, maybe he will be able to figure out why I can’t get a wireless connection; until then, Blessings to all of you!

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