Just an update

Hi Everyone! Today was another good day for Joel. I think being off of the decadron has made a huge difference. Joel did well in Physio again today. He went to the playroom and painted two more pictures for me and then played with some of the toys.

After lunch he had occupational therapy and speech together. It took him a few minutes to warm up to them but then participated quite nicely. When we got back to our room we had Alison waiting for a visit, she brought Tim Horton’s with her, and Joel was very appreciative of his timbits.

I had a number of meetings today as well; we are officially under the care of Dr. McCormick who is the rehab doctor. They are working towards Joel having an outing on the weekend and maybe, if all goes well, a sleepover at home the following weekend!!! We have also met preliminarily with oncology, and the big meeting, where they discuss the who, what, when and where of treatment, happens tomorrow at 8:30 am.

Joel fell asleep at 5:00pm after a very full day… I won’t be surprised if he wakes up for a bit to eat and then goes back to sleep. I still don’t have a wireless connection but I am feeling so blessed by all the reports I hear from family, emails and phone calls. Dave and I feel very humbled and blessed by your kindness. Thank you.

I’ll write a longer post when I can get the wireless going, and I should have lots of info. tomorrow.

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