This will be another quick post everyone, once again wireless doesn’t like us. I have grabbed a couple of minutes on the hospital computer.

Joel had a great day. He did really well in his physio session. He was in a pretty good mood all day. I saw that sneaky little grin on his face a few times today.

Myself…that is a different story. For the past few days I have felt a bit like a hot potato being passed back and forth between Neurosurgery and Oncology. First, on the weekend, I was told we were now with Oncology only to have Oncology say we were not with them. Then I was told, around 1:30 today, that we were being moved to Oncology at about 3:30, so I packed up all of our stuff and waited. At about 5:00 I saw our Neuro -surgeon who told us there were still some mix ups and he was waiting to hear back from Oncology. If Oncology wasn’t ready for us, then we could go home tomorrow and Oncology would call us when they were ready to start radiation.

I would love nothing more then to go home, but Joel is supposed to be receiving rehab. Sorry for the bluntness but he can’t walk, pees in a bottle, doesn’t use his right arm and his speech is worse than before the surgery. If he is eating a hot dog or sandwich he can hold it in his hand but anything like cereal, soup etc. he needs to be spoon fed. I expressed my concerns of taking Joel home to which he replied perhaps rehab would take him on until Oncology was ready for him.

About an hour later his resident was in talking about him going home tomorrow; once again, I expressed my concern about his rehab. Yet again I was met with maybe you could talk to rehab.
So I am exhausted and feel like I have a thin thread holding my emotions together. Tonight I need to pull it together and in the morning start paging people until I get some answers. For those of you who know me well, I avoid any form of conflict like the plague. I have an attitude of not wanting to inconvenience anyone. I need to step up to the plate for Joel tomorrow and get some answers.

I know God already has tomorrow figured out, and I do trust Him. I just need you all to pray for me to push the doctors a bit tomorrow. Of course you can all continue to pray for Joel’s progress.


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