Good Friday

I think just about everyone has a favorite Holiday. Mine would have to be Easter with Christmas being a close second. I do love to decorate and do all sorts of special things for Christmas that I don’t do for Easter, yet there is something so incredible about Easter. Before we can have Easter we must have Good Friday. I like to spend Good Friday reflecting on what Christ did for us, this year has been different. This year Good Friday came and found us in a hospital room. To be honest most of my reflections were about Joel and my other kids. Yet mingled in amongst those thoughts there have been thoughts about Jesus.

I can’t believe my family is on the path that we are on, ‘a tough road’ I am told. Can you imagine the walk Christ took some 2000 years ago today. He had been so badly beaten that He stumbled and fell under the weight of His cross. How often do we feel like the stuff we are carrying is too much, that we might stumble under the burden. I know this past week there definitely have been some stumbles under the weight of it all. You know what… He knew Joel’s name as he climbed that hill.

I am always amazed at the sacrifice that He made for us. For you, and me, and Joel He died so that we could have life and hope.

Today was a ‘good Friday’ for Joel too! No needles today!!!!!!!! And only one consult they needed blood work but said they put in a request for it to be taken the next time he was having blood work done to avoid an extra poke. I am sure Joel appreciated that.

I was able to give him a sponge bath and put on some fresh jammies he looked like a new boy. In the morning Billie and Lenae from church visited us and in the afternoon we had Gramma and Biba, Daddy, Elijah, Joshua and Hannah all come by. In the morning Dr. Azzubi (part of the neurosurgery team) was by and gave the okay for Joel to go outside in a wheelchair. We all went outside for a walk and while we were outside Savannah and Louie from church found us for a visit. It was a full day of visiting. It was also Joel’s and my first time outside since last Friday when we walked into the hospital. After our walk we stopped at the hospitals coffee shop and got a Popsicle.

After that Gramma, Biba and the kids headed home, and Daddy came up for a visit. (It was hard to say good bye to them as it’ll be next week before we will see the kids again. We have never been apart for a major holiday before and that feels strange.) Joel and Daddy watched a DVD together while I grabbed a shower and had a short visit with another Mom. Today was our best day yet here.

I have mentioned the movie ‘One Night With the King’ more then once and I am sure I will quote it again but tonight I wanted to share this quote.

“Perhaps, instead of asking questions of our trials, our trials are meant to ask questions of ourselves.”

Something like what we are going through really makes you look at your life and weigh things. Suddenly things that just a week ago seemed so important are no longer top priority. If we could only learn some of these lessons before we find ourselves in the middle of a trial.

I think this will be a daily statement from me…Thank you…your emails, phone calls, comments on the blog, and visits are so appreciated Dave and I and the kids feel so lifted up and loved. My Mom and Dad and brother have been touched by all the prayers as I believe my in laws have too.

We are continuing to pray for Joel’s test results to be standard and not high risk. May I add another little boy and his Mom and Dad to your prayer lists. His name is Osayd and his Mom and Dad are Jawaria and Osama. There son is almost 6 and has been undiagnosed since 6 days old he continues to grow at a normal rate but has hit no milestones. They are a beautiful family who have walked a terribly difficult road. They have next to no support system here in Canada.

Thank you all… blessings!

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