Only got a few minutes!

I have 5 minutes to update you all. Joel got moved to a different room and we don’t get the wireless connection. Currently Joel is in a semi-private room and the boy in the next bed can connect somehow: this frustrated me more then it should of. Your emails and comments have been a huge comfort. I am praying that we either get moved or that miraculously my connection starts to work.

I am actually on a food run as Joel needs someone by his side 24/7 so the nurse is there watching him while I go and get some food and I have stolen a few minutes on the computer in the family room.

Joel had a rough day today he had a test I think it is called a GFR for kidney function they inject a radioactive isotope (I think) and then draw blood 3 times at 1 hour intervals. His IV stopped working properly so instead of being able to draw the blood painlessly he had to get poked each time. Then he has an oral med that he is not tolerating at all. So he is feeling picked on for sure.

He is also experiencing some mutism. Mild though but that is why his speech has declined but this is a temporary thing. As he is able to say the odd word, they have said it is because they are words like reflexes ie we pick up the phone and say Hello without really thinking about it. However if I ask you a question you have to process your answer and somehow that is where Joel is struggling getting his words out. I’ve been told don’t push it as that will only stress him out. It will come.

Things should slow down as all the consults like speech, eye, rehab etc. are taking the long weekend so hopefully by Tuesday Joel will feel well rested.

I better run or they will wonder what happened to me. Thanks again for all your prayers, love, support, emails and comments it makes it feel like we are not walking this alone. Apparently the 15 year old on the other side of the room is a computer genius maybe he can help me out tomorrow.


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