I think I am feeling a little sorry for myself. We have been blessed with visits from friends and family which is wonderful, yet somehow it is very lonely here. Joel and I are missing home, the kids and Dave, not to mention all of the pets.

Today was an odd day it had some high points and some low points. Joel was talking today which was great he even had a few giggles which was wonderful he also had times where he layed emotionless in bed. Joel is hard to understand and gets frustrated really quickly with me if I don’t understand.

The highs and lows of today were as follows; Major melt down over one of his meds, it is so hard to know how to handle this at home it would have been dealt with here I’m at a loss. I let him rage on once he quieted down I scooped him into my lap told him I loved him that understood that he must be confused and angry but that we still needed to do our best to be kind to others. He told me he wants me to give him his meds and not the nurses. Another low is Joel’s stomach is quite distended and his tummy is hurting.

I think the highs out weighed the lows, Karen and her kids came by for a visit as well as Uncle Kyle. We went for a walk outside with Uncle Kyle, I pushed Joel along while Uncle Kyle carried my bag with my laptop in it. While on a walk yesterday my borrowed cell phone was lifted from my room. So I wasn’t taking any chances today. On our walk we got to see the helicopter take off which is always very exciting for Joel.

Joel told me that his legs are trying to make him fall down. As I think I mentioned before the neurosurgeons were amazed that Joel did not present with balance issues…he certainly has them now. We have been told that this is completely normal. It is hard to watch him struggle and be powerless to help him.

I need to send out Birthday greetings to my Mom, my Aunt Suzanne, and my brother in law Wally! As much as our lives seem on hold time marches on anyway so I wish you all a year filled with blessings.

I would love to have some news about how things are going but not much will happen until Tuesday. Joel is sleeping and talking in his sleep right now, I wish I could make out what he is saying.

Sorry for how disjointed this is I think it is probably a good reflection of how I am currently feeling. God’s richest blessings to you all.

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