I Need YOUR Help!!!!

As we all know Christmas will be here before we know it. This year I wanted to do a real push for a homemade Christmas. I thought it would be fun to share that journey on my blog. So over the next few weeks I will be posting all about it. I have all sorts of Christmas Crafts, Gifts, Sweets etc. to share. I am not the most crafty person out there but I am going to give it a valiant effort. I am tired of all the craziness of Christmas, I am hoping as my kids and I work at this we can slow down a bit and enjoy an old fashion Christmas as we work on projects together.

Sure it will be busy but I am hoping to avoid the midnight madness at the local ‘big chain’ ‘box’ store. I would be fantastic if you could join with me and maybe try some of these projects too. The lovely Jen over at, 11th Heaven’s Homemaking Haven, has been helping me by creating a button so you can easily follow my Homemade Christmas over the next several weeks. The trouble is she did such a great job I can’t make up my mind I need your help to pick the right one. So can you help a girl out and tell me which one you like the best? Without further adieu in no particular order here they are. The numbers are under each button. The last two are very similar Jen was kind enough to show me what #4 would look like with a different font creating #5.


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