Short Answers

What’s better, butter or cheese?

Joel – Coconut
Okay but what about butter or cheese?
I don’t want butter or cheese.
Joshua – Cheese, I like it the best.
Taliah – Butter, I like the taste but I wouldn’t eat a whole stick.
Elijah – Butter, I don’t really like cheese only on my pizza.

How are donuts made?

Joel – Chocolate!!
Yes, but how do you make them.
Like dis and dis ( making hand gestures) turn around and put in oven,and wait awhile and ICING!
Joshua -By a donuts maker machine.
Taliah – I don’t know the ingredients but with a donuts making machine
Elijah – I don’t know, with a donuts making machine

We have recently read Homer Price.

Why do the trees change colors in the fall?

Joel – I don’t know.
Joshua – They change color so the leaves can fall off
Taliah – Because the weather is getting colder and the trees are going to sleep for the winter.
Elijah – Because it is time for them to and it shows winter is coming.

What do broccoli, carrots, and cucumbers all have in common?

Joel – I don’t know oh in a salad.
Joshua – There vegetables!!!
Taliah – They are all vegetables
Elijah – I don’t like them! Ah, there all vegetables.

What’s a tapestry?

Joel – Money.
Joshua – It is a piece of fabric on a big long stick with a picture on it.
Taliah – Sort of like a History with drawings on it, like they sew on a picture of there history maybe a battle they won. Something like that.
Elijah – Kind of like a banner but it hangs on a wall instead of a pole.

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