Homeschool Highlight Reel

Homeschool Highlight Reel time again!!!
It has been a busy week over here but sadly not the busiest scholastic week we have been a bit under the weather this week so I didn’t get pictures of out scholars in action.

We live by the seasons here a time to plant and a time to reap, however, we do not live by the calender’s version of these seasons. Although Fall is officially here until December 21, today we bid it a fond farewell. Mmmm I do like the Fall!

Well pull out your galoshes and tuques, (boots and hats) it is time to get the snow pants and mittens because we woke up this morning to SNOW!!!

Only in the world of HOMESCHOOL can you have a snow day in possibly less than an inch of snow. I have to say one of the things I love about Homeschooling is the freedom it gives. We homeschool all year we take it easy in the summer with a lighter load but we still do some stuff so we have the freedom to have a day like today. It also gives you guilt free sick days if you need them. Time to make some boulders!!

And another!!
It’s getting bigger!
Too cute!!
We think the kitten likes the snow!
The puppy LOVES the snow!
Even Hannah is learning how to make a proper boulder that has got to be education!

Can you guess what they are going to make?
Remember my favorite flower from the Fall. Thanks to some lovely readers I found out it is called Sedum. It now has a nice snowy hat.
Mocha had a great time with the kids.
She learns fast!
Taking a break, The boys don’t realize that they are actually raking my leaves at the same time fantastic!!!
I just thought the corn looked really neat, had to take a picture!!!
Not sure what Elijah is doing but he is happy!
The backside of our old barn.
Mocha pushing a boulder. Okay, she is actually trying to eat it.
These funny girls pulled out a toboggan, (sled) too funny.
I took too many puppy pictures.
The Boulders I think in order to finish this fort we are just going to have to wait for more snow!!
Some well deserved Hot Chocolate before we get back to work!! Hope your day was as fun as ours! To read about what other Homeschoolers are up to be sure to click on the link below. Cheers!

Work & Play, Day By Day

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