I Feel Sick!!!!

I asked Elijah to take the puppy out for a pee before bed as I was trying to get little ones ready for night time. I told him to stay close to the house as it was already dark. A few minutes later he and puppy burst into the room, “SUNGA’S DEAD!!!!” My heart dropped as all the other kids burst into tears. How can this be happening. I run outside and there is the poor lifeless kitty. Dave sometimes backs the car on to the grass a bit to turn around, and must of hit him. I feel sick that it is 2 hours later and the poor thing died there alone.

It sucks on so many levels, Sunga was the really friendly one that loved to snuggle, the other one is more aloof. Everyone has told me that having two is better so they can keep each other company.

And the kids. Little Joshua with his little hands in fists and tears streaming down his face,saying, “Why did God let this happen!!!” Joel crying that Sunga is his favorite. Taliah just crying. Hannah was already asleep and Taliah is worried about her reaction. I told her she would be just confused. It took awhile to settle the kids for bed.

Seriously, I can not believe this. I am sure Dave will feel awful. Joel says Daddy didn’t kill Sunga a T Rex did. As I was tucking him in he told me that he wants Sunga to stop being dead.


This weekend is Thanksgiving here in Canada. We do have sooo much to be thankful for, I will just have to work a little harder to get the kids heads in that space.

What do I do? Do I try and get another kitty?

Any advice welcome, they were suppose to be barn kitties. So I had thought it would be good to have them together to keep each other warm etc. They were not outside all the time they would spend their nights and some of the day in the summer kitchen. They were brothers so will another little guy fit in with the other one???

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