Lots of pictures and a few reflections!

Fall is definitely here. I am always amazed with how quickly time marches on. The seasons continue to change whether we are ready or not. Much if not all of life is like that. Sometimes I get so busy that I begin to miss things. Summer is over and we never…(fill in the blank.) Here we are in fall and already I feel like we are running out of time before the first snow flies. I went for my morning walk around the yard and brought my camera with me. This guy has already lost all of his leaves, march march march. I am calling on all the horticultural types to respond I have no idea what several of these plants are. I am not sure if this is a weed or not but it is pretty. Here are my last fall flowers. (Photo 1)
A spider was busy at work making a web and the dew was still on it amazing little creeper.
Another flower that I have no clue about but there are many of these growing around the yard.
(Photo 2)
Just a few Black-eyed Susan left.
Another one of my little ‘Old Paths’ as you can see much of it is already getting ready for it’s winter slumber.
Just a few of these guys left but so pretty.
(Photo 3)
A little Woolly Bear was creeping along he has dew on him too!
For whatever reason my drive was calling out to be photographed as well.
Okay, I love this bush it is covered in these beautiful red berries. What are they, are they edible? Can I make something out of them or are they just for looking at!!!

(Photo 4)
I love these flowers they have such a rich colour that I have not really captured in these pictures but they are just beautiful. Can anyone tell me about them.

(Photo 5)
We have a few maples that are giving us some beautiful colour right now. In late winter early spring we are going to try and make some maple syrup. I will have to keep you posted on that venture.

Right now I am enjoying the sights and smells of fall. We have picked most of the grapes and I will be trying to find out what needs to be done with them in the way of pruning. I have got a ton (not literally) of apples (not from our trees) that I am planning on making into apple sauce and apple jam, and at least one apple crisp. I am thinking Apple Caramel Crisp, mmmm. Time isn’t waiting for me to catch up and if I am not careful I will look back and say where did all of those years go. I have really been hit lately with what a short time we all have. At the end of the day, or at the end of my life, I won’t care how many jars of jam I made or how many loads of laundry were folded and put away, but I will care that I took the time to sit and colour, to kiss an owwee, to read a bedtime story and pray a good night prayer. As the seasons march by for a short time I have 5 little ones in my care, I have such a short time to lead and guide, nurture and correct, teach and shape their lives. It has become a daily check for me to not get so wrapped up in the events of the day or season to neglect cherished moments of Lego castles, finger paint, and messy play rooms. The dust will definitely be here tomorrow.

For those of you who might know something about some of my plants I labelled them so you could say #3 is a ________. Thanks!

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