Alright in the grand scheme of things I know that these are small things but nonetheless I am feeling really frustrated. I have already shared how we are on dial up since we moved. That in itself has been an adjustment. I used to be able to post rather quickly now I click and wait. Last night I was getting a few things online for the kids for homeschool, some worksheets. My plan was to get that done and then I was going to post something here.

Just as I was finishing up a window popped up saying that 5 viruses had been detected and to remove the threat hit start. being the computer fool that I am I hit start. Apparently that is the wrong thing to do. I disconnected so I could call my computer savvy brother who said, “don’t hit start!” Too late. So he told me to check out housecall 6.5 it does an online scan and removes viruses. Don’t ask me how all that works because I have no idea. Unfortunately because we are on dial up it took all night and part of this morning Ugh!

Oh well, so I didn’t post yesterday no biggie. Well today is Homeschool highlight so I will just download the pictures I took to go with this weeks post. Take the card out and pop it in the thingie on the computer and click the “G” drive. HMMM it is telling me to put a card in. That’s odd okay I’ll try it again. Odd it is still not working am I putting this thing upside down…no Huh??

“Elijah do you know where your flashlight is?”

“Ah, good thanks for the flashlight bubb!!”

I get down on my stomach and shine the flashlight in…stop and crank the flashlight again and look again. Ah ha! There is a little tiny piece of plastic that broke off my photo card wedged in there.

I disconnect again call my brother who tells me that I can buy a photo card reader and should probably buy a new photo card. Of course, I am not ready to admit defeat, so armed with a safety pin and crank flashlight I go after it. I gave it a valiant effort but in the end the tiny piece of plastic is holding its own.

Tomorrow when Dave comes home I will plead my case as to why I can not possible wait until the next payday to buy a card reader. I will tell him how my readers need pictures!!! Now before anyone thinks Dave is a big meanie he totally is not we are just on a bit of a tight budget right now. You know how it is moved in this summer all sorts of expenses, then the puppy and obedience classes, shots etc.

Although it wouldn’t hurt if you guys all left comments on how much you enjoy pictures with my posts.

Now I am going to post my Homeschool Highlights next but I needed to vent first!! Oh and I do have a couple of pictures with that post but the rest are being held hostage on my photo card!!

So help a girl out and leave a comment!

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